Discount Lenses

Discount contact Lenses can be corrective, to improve sight, cosmetic, to change the appearance of one's eyes, and sometimes they protective lenses, place over the cornea of the eye, to protect the cornea from damage.

There are several types of contact lenses available today, to anyone who desires or needs them.

The following paragraphs will briefly discuss the types of contact lenses available, and the differences between the different types.

Corrective contact lenses were designed to improve vision, like eyeglasses commonly do.

Corrective contact lenses often require an exam by a physician, to determine what strength the corrective contact lenses need to be. That will vary from patient to patient.

Corrective contact lenses are the alternative to eyeglasses, and they fit right over the cornea of the eye. Many people choose corrective contact lenses instead of eyeglasses, to help improve their vision.

Cosmetic contact lenses do not aid in improving vision, and were designed simply to change the appearance of one's eyes.

If someone born with brown eyes wanted to make their eyes appear blue, cosmetic contact lenses would be a solution.

Cosmetic contact lenses are also often used in theater and film, and on Halloween, and often do not require a doctor visit or prescription.

Sometimes discount contact lenses are classified as hard or soft. Hard contact lenses are the ones that are not disposable, and tend to last longer than the soft contact lenses.

Soft contact lenses are often the type that you wear a few times then throw them away.

The most common type of discount contact lenses purchased today are the soft contact lenses.

Daily wear contact lenses are soft contact lenses that should be removed at night before going to sleep, while extended wear contact leneses allow for sleeping in the contact lenses, anywhere from overnight to thirty days, depending on the material the extended wear contact lenses are made from.

With the extended wear contact lenses, eye infections are a higher risk than the daily wear contact lenses.

Contact lenses come in many different types, depending on individual preferences and needs.

From daily wear contact lenses that were designed to improve sight, to cosmetic contact lenses that change the appearance of the eyes, contact lenses of all types are available.

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