Alien Eye Contact Lenses

Alien Eyes

Alien eye contacts are the hottest lenses this year!

These unique contact lenses will have people talking about your alien eyes for weeks after your costume party.

Many people have trouble getting into their character. No matter how good your costume is, alien eyes will take your costume to the next level. Imagine not only looking like an alien in your costume, but your eyes as well!

If you wear contacts for vision correction, don't worry, there are companies that can mail you alien eye contacts that have the right diameter, base curve and power so that you won't end up dizzy by the end of the Halloween night.

If you don't normally wear contact lesens, it is still a good idea to have your eys measured and fitted for your alien contacts before placing your order.

Having your eyes measured and checked out by a certified optometrist will ensure a proper fit and make sure that you don't end up with red eyes or soreness while wearing your alien eye contact lenses. If you are currently taking medication, please check with your doctor or clinic before placing these lenses in your eyes.

Prices for alien eye contact lenses are reasonable. Since they are not prescription lenses, you'll end up paying the entire cost. Most lenses are priced between $25 and $75 per eye. Lower priced contacts are produced using a computer and more expense leneses are hand painted. If you have never worn contacts before, it is likely that you won't be able to tell a difference. If you're a seasoned wild eye consumer, the lower cost will likely make you unhappy with your purchase. If you've never worn Alien Eye contact lenses, you might also want to check out the Wild Eye contacts.

Next time you're getting into costume, remember to pick up a pair of alien eye contact lenses!

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