Free Contact Lenses

If you are thinking about going with an online company to purchase your contacts from, it is often possible for you to get a pair of free contact lenses, sometimes several pairs of free contact lenses, just to sample the quality of the companies product. But it is not simply a matter of doing an … Read more


It is a commonly held belief that if you have astigmatism in your eye(s) that you cannot wear soft contact lenses. Fortunately that is no longer true. Many contact lens brands are making a new toric contact lens. What is wonderful about these new astigmatism safe contact lens is that they now come in disposable and frequent … Read more

Contact Lens Brands

With the advancements in contact lenses in the last 20 years contact lens brands have been popping up at increasing rates as well. You are probably familiar with some of the big names including Bausch & Lomb, CIBA Vision and Johnson & Johnson. However, the flood of brands to the contact lens market didn’t stop … Read more