Contact Lens Cases

There are many types of contact lens cases available, to hold and protect the delicate contact lens.

Contact lens cases come in several different styles, to best suit individual needs and desires.

The following paragraphs will take a brief look at several different types of contact lens carrying cases, and the benefits to each different style of contact lens case.

The most common type of contact lens case is the simple screw top case. This contact lens case is just like it sounds.

It has two individual compartments, where each contact lens is stored in it’s own area. There are lids on top of each compartment of this style of contact lens case, that screw on to keep the contact lens secure and safe from damage or being lost.

This type of contact lens case can commonly be boiled for cleaning purposes.

Very similar to the screw top contact lens case, there is a flip top contact lens case.

This type of contact lens case also has two circular compartments that hold each contact lens, keeping it safe from damage or being lost.

Commonly, the flip top contact lens case cannot be boiled as a cleaning method.

Finally, there is a bigger contact lens case, that is actually a case within a case. It is very similar to the screw top, and flip top contact lens case, but the entire case opens and shuts, and displays a mirror.

This makes it easier to insert a contact lens, with a mirror built into the contact lens case. With some contact lens cases of this style, the actual contact lens holder can be taken out, boiled for cleaning, then put back into the original contact lens case holder.

There are many types of contact lens cases available for purchase, more types than what has discussed here.

Some contact lens cases can be personalized, and the options are unlimited. Some people chose to have a picture on their contact lens case, while others do not feel the need for anything other than a simple contact lens case.

Men normally do not prefer the contact lens cases with mirrors, but some do. Finding a contact lens case to best suit one’s individual needs should not be a difficult task, with the availability of contact lens cases so great.