Black Contact Lenses including Sclera!

Black contacts lenses have versatility – they work for costumes, cosplay, or just amping up your everyday style. Planning a vampire costume? These lenses are a must for that gothic creature-of-the-night look. Going for an all-black ensemble? Let these contacts complete the monochromatic aesthetic. No matter the occasion, a black contact lens or two command … Read more

Diamond Contact Lenses

Next time you crash a Hollywood party with a lot of famous celebrities, don’t forget your diamond contact lenses. These contact lenses are so far from the ordinary that people are likely to believe that your new diamond contact lenses are fake. Only you’ll know for certain that they’re genuinely real diamonds. If there ever … Read more

Oasys Contact Lenses

You can say goodbye to dry eyes caused by contact lenses forever! Johnson & Johnson have released Oasys Contact Lenses under the Acuvue brand that target dry eye sufferers. Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus brand contact lenses are very comfortable in the beginning but the comfort is definitely noticeable after extended use. This new feature … Read more


Since its inception in 1986, Acuvue has established itself as one of the world’s leading brands in disposable contact lenses. According to a study by Stephen J. Vincent, 2017, contact lenses offer significant optical benefits compared to spectacles, especially for those with high levels of ametropia. This includes an improved field of view for myopes … Read more

7 Contact Lens Buying Tips

When shopping for contact lenses, you are likely to be bombarded with power numbers, brands, manufacturers, colors, acronyms and a lot of other features that don’t make sense. If you already feel that way, check out our 7 contact lens buying tips for matching your eyes with the right pair of lenses. 1. Prepare for … Read more

Silsoft Aphakic Adult

If you’ve recently undergone cataract surgery without receiving an intraocular lens implant, read on. Cataract surgery can be intimidating because it involves surgery on your eye. After the procedure, you may not be able to use your old contact lenses. Instead, you’ll need something like Bausch & Lomb’s Silsoft Aphakic Adult lenses. These lenses are … Read more

40+ Crazy Celebrity Contact Lenses

Celebrity Wearing Contact Lens In One Eye.

Celebrity contact lenses are taking over Hollywood! An increasing number of stars are using these custom-designed contacts to transform their natural eye colors into stunning new shades. Iconic socialite Paris Hilton is known for her piercing blue eyes, but did you know her real eye color is brown? Pop princess Britney Spears also hides her … Read more

Buy Contact Lenses

When looking to buy contact lenses, one may wonder where is the best place? How much should they cost? Is an examination necessary in order to buy contact lenses? Will you need a prescription in order to buy contact lenses? Why? The following paragraphs will discuss some of the answers one might need before they … Read more

Discount Contact Lenses

When you purchase your contact lenses through your doctor, they can be expensive, causing more and more people to order their contacts from discount contact lens retailers online. But sometimes when you are buying your contact lenses online, you are not really saving that much money. In order to find the best deals on discount … Read more

Disposable Contact Lenses

If you are contemplating using disposable contact lenses, you are probably wondering about the benefits and disadvantages. The following paragraphs will describe some of the advantages and disadvantages of different disposable contact lenses. First, if you are the type of person who detests dealing with the constant care of your contact lenses, you are probably … Read more