Since its inception in 1986, Acuvue has established itself as one of the world’s leading brands in disposable contact lenses. According to a study by Stephen J. Vincent, 2017, contact lenses offer significant optical benefits compared to spectacles, especially for those with high levels of ametropia. This includes an improved field of view for myopes and fewer inherent oblique aberrations.

About Acuvue’s Manufacturer: Vistakon

Acuvue is a proud product of Vistakon, a subsidiary of the renowned Johnson & Johnson company. Vistakon employs approximately 2,500 dedicated individuals, all working towards providing a diverse range of Acuvue brand contacts to cater to various eye care needs.

Acuvue’s Specialized Offerings

Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses

One of Acuvue’s standout products is the Oasys Contact Lenses. These lenses are meticulously designed for those who suffer from dry eyes. According to a 1997 study by M. Srur and D. Dattas, the Acuvue contact lens can be effectively utilized as a therapeutic contact lens. Furthermore, a 1997 study by S. Hickson-Curran et al. highlighted that Acuvue contact lenses come with UV-blocking characteristics without compromising their daily wear performance.

Why Choose Acuvue?

Acuvue lenses are not just about vision correction. They are about enhancing the overall eye health and comfort of the wearer. With continuous research and innovation, Acuvue strives to provide lenses that cater to specific needs, be it UV protection, dry eye relief, or therapeutic uses.

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