Black Contact Lenses including Sclera!

Black contacts lenses have versatility – they work for costumes, cosplay, or just amping up your everyday style. Planning a vampire costume? These lenses are a must for that gothic creature-of-the-night look. Going for an all-black ensemble? Let these contacts complete the monochromatic aesthetic.

No matter the occasion, a black contact lens or two command attention. Some may think the opaque eyes look too creepy or extreme. But if you’re intrigued by colored contacts, you’re likely drawn to the unconventional. A touch of darkness and mystery intrigues you.

A single black lens is a clever option. Wear one with a normal eye to create an asymmetrical mismatched look. This imbalanced stare can make even everyday outfits appear transformed and costume-like. A solo black lens draws interest and questions – people will be dying to know why just one of your eyes is such an abnormal shade.

So whether you opt for one or two, black sclera contact lenses make a statement. If you’re looking to stand out in a sea of ordinary, these opaque Contacts can help you achieve that goal.

Black Contact Lens Case

Keep in mind that black contact lenses, especially full black contact lenses, are almost guaranteed to scare children, so if that’s what you’re looking for, black contact lenses are for you. Since black contact lenses are so expensive, you’ll want to protect them with a contact lens case and make sure to follow the directions for caring for your lenses, and they’ll last a lot longer.

Black Contact Lens Pictures

Black contact lenses come in two main types. There’s the standard lens that covers just the pupil and iris, leaving the whites of your eyes visible. Then there’s the dramatic full sclera lens that blacks out the entire eye. Both can completely transform your look in an instant.

The normal lens is the more subtle option. It darkens your natural eye color, adding mystery and intensity to your gaze. These black contacts pair well with any makeup look, from everyday neutrals to bold, dramatic styles. They work for any occasion too – amplified eyes for a night out, or a subtle smoky eye for the office.

Full sclera lenses take things to the next level. Covering the whole eye, they create an opaque, alien-like stare. It’s an edgy, avant-garde style favored by cosplayers, costume partygoers, and anyone looking to make a bold fashion statement. Caution is advised though – these can be tricky to put in and wear comfortably for long periods.

No matter which type you choose, black contacts offer a fun way to transform your appearance. Browse our black contact lens pictures to see these mystical colored lenses in action.

Full Black Sclera Contact Lenses.

While this type of lens might be exactly what you want, keep in mind that they are very expensive, and difficult to get into your eye.

If the black sclera contact lenses aren’t for you, check out these pictures of black contact lenses below:

Psycho Black Contact Lenses

Psycho black contact lenses are a reminder of the movie Psycho. These contacts are not full sclera covers. Black Psycho contacts are mainly black with white circles in the middle.

Psycho Contact Lenses

Black rockstar contacts feature an eye-catching two-tone design. The lens has a black pupil and opaque outer ring. But between the dark inner and outer colors is a ring of dramatic purple or red. This ring of bright color surrounds the black star-shaped pupil.

The result is a funky, psychedelic look. The blend of reds and purples paired with deep black creates a trippy visual effect. It’s perfect for musicians, ravers, or anyone wanting to channel colorful cosmic energy.

These rockstar lenses aren’t subtle at all. The stark color contrasts and starburst pupils will draw plenty of attention. People will find themselves staring into your eyes, trying to figure out if what they’re seeing is real. It’s a great way to show off your bold, artistic side.

So if you want contacts that are more galactic than gothic, rockstar black lenses are the way to go. The cosmic vibe and vibrant colors give these lenses a far-out style all their own. You’ll feel like an interstellar supernova every time you put them in.

Rockstar Contact Lenses Worn By A Woman.

Anime and Dark Elf Contact Lenses

Dark Elf contact lenses are a black and blue combination contact lens. There is black around the outside and black in the middle. The blue is between the black outside and inside. As you can see, Dark Elf is reminiscent of anime contact lenses.

Anime Contact Lenses, Dark Elf Look.

Moon Star contacts are a beautiful and unique black contact lens. The Moonstar is a full black contact lens with a green moon and small green star. As you can see in the picture of moonstar below, they are very unique.

Moon Star Contact Lenses In Brown And Red.

Marilyn Manson black and white contact lenses were made famous by Marilyn Manson in the late 1990’s. During those years, Manson would wear these contact lenses during every performance on stage and was one of the first celebrity contact lenses worn publicly.

Marilyn Manson Black Rim White Contact Lenses.

Black Sclera Contact Lenses

Black Sclera contact lenses are the most recognizable and scary contact lens available. These full eye black contact lenses are jet black with no whit part of the eye being shown. As you can see from the picture, BlackSclera contact lenses are difficult to put into your eye, but once they’re in, they’re awesome!

Full Black Sclera Contact Lenses

Spider Web Contact Lenses

Spider Web contact lenses are a white contact lens with a black spider web radiating out from the center of the contact lens. As you can see in the photo, they are very unique, but need to be viewed pretty close to see the detail of the spider webs.

Click picture for a bigger size.

Spider Web Contact Lenses