Theatrical Contact Lenses

Theatrical contact lenses have transformed how characters are portrayed on stage and screen. This practical effect has an intriguing history. History of Theatrical Contact Lenses Early theatrical productions used rudimentary techniques to alter eye color and appearance. Actors lined their eyes with black kohl to create an exaggerated look. Stage lighting washed out irises, so … Read more

Black Contact Lenses including Sclera!

Black contacts lenses have versatility – they work for costumes, cosplay, or just amping up your everyday style. Planning a vampire costume? These lenses are a must for that gothic creature-of-the-night look. Going for an all-black ensemble? Let these contacts complete the monochromatic aesthetic. No matter the occasion, a black contact lens or two command … Read more

Oasys Contact Lenses

You can say goodbye to dry eyes caused by contact lenses forever! Johnson & Johnson have released Oasys Contact Lenses under the Acuvue brand that target dry eye sufferers. Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus brand contact lenses are very comfortable in the beginning but the comfort is definitely noticeable after extended use. This new feature … Read more