Discount Contact Lenses

When you purchase your contact lenses through your doctor, they can be expensive, causing more and more people to order their contacts from discount contact lens retailers online. But sometimes when you are buying your contact lenses online, you are not really saving that much money. In order to find the best deals on discount … Read more

Disposable Contact Lenses

If you are contemplating using disposable contact lenses, you are probably wondering about the benefits and disadvantages. The following paragraphs will describe some of the advantages and disadvantages of different disposable contact lenses. First, if you are the type of person who detests dealing with the constant care of your contact lenses, you are probably … Read more

Novelty Contact Lenses

Use of the novelty contact lens is a novel idea, and enjoyed by many people for costume parties and other special occasions. Like any contact lens, it is important with a novelty contact lens to make sure that it is sanitary. Your eyes are warm and moist and a perfect place for harmful bacteria to … Read more

Bifocal Contact Lenses

The bifocal contact lens is a great convenience in eye correction technology, that traces it’s lineage back to the original bifocal glasses invented by Benjamin Franklin in 1984. With Franklin’s glasses, invented for his own use when he tired of switching between glasses for up close and distance correction, the lens for distance was mounted … Read more

Cheap Contact Lenses

It is possible to locate cheap contact lens retailers who do not require a prescription, but these type of retailers are few. In the United States, most cheap contact lens retailers will not sell any type of cheap contact lens without a prescription because of safety issues that go along with wearing cheap contact lenses. … Read more

Colored Contact Lenses

Have you ever thought of getting colored contact lenses, but don’t know all the responsibilities of them? Many people just do not have the facts about colored contact lenses, but in reality their really simple if you just know the basics. Colored contact lenses are for all people, not just one group. People with dark … Read more

Contact Lens Cases

There are many types of contact lens cases available, to hold and protect the delicate contact lens. Contact lens cases come in several different styles, to best suit individual needs and desires. The following paragraphs will take a brief look at several different types of contact lens carrying cases, and the benefits to each different … Read more

Contact Lens Fitting

When you go to the doctor to get a contact lens fitting you will be put through a series of questions. The eye care professional will ask what you intend on getting out of your contact lens fitting and why you want a contact lens fitting. Your eye care professional will go on with this … Read more

Wild Eyes Contact Lenses

Just for fun, try wild eye contact lenses the next time you go to a costume party. The effect they provide will have people talking about you costume for days after the party is over. As for really getting into character and shedding inhibitions, the use of wild eye contact lenses can provide just the … Read more

Contact Lens Solutions

When you step into the contact lens aisle of most department stores or pharmacies, you may find a wide variety of contact lens solution. Although it may be intimidating, it is essential to understand contact lens care and to use contact lens solution in caring for you contact lenses. The first step to caring for … Read more