Contact Lens Solutions

When you step into the contact lens aisle of most department stores or pharmacies, you may find a wide variety of contact lens solution.

Although it may be intimidating, it is essential to understand contact lens care and to use contact lens solution in caring for you contact lenses.

The first step to caring for your contact lenses is good contact lens solution.

Contact lens solution is designed to remove eye produced build up from the contact lens, as well as remove cosmetics or any other debris that may impair eye comfort.

One lens at a time, you should clean your contact lenses with a recommended brand of contact lens solution, according to the directions.

Some contact lens solution products require that you gently rub the contact solution onto the surface of the contact lenses, while others simply require rinsing the lenses with the contact lens solution.

When you are using the type of contact lens solution that requires rubbing, most of the time only a few drops of contact lens solution is necessary. When using the type of contact solution that only requires rinsing, it may take more than one rinsing to ensure all the loosened debris is removed.

With both types of contact lens solution, it is common practice to soak your contact lenses after cleaning, for disinfecting purposes.

Saline contact lens solution is commonly used for rinsing and storing your contact lenses when using a heat or UV disinfection system.

But you should never uses saline contact lens solution products for cleaning and disinfecting your contacts.

Hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution is often used for cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing, and storing your contact lenses.

With this product, you place your lenses in a provided container and rinse them with the hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution. Afterwards, you should soak your contact lenses in the hydrogen peroxide contact lens solution, in order to properly disinfect your lenses.

Be sure to rinse your contacts well after disinfection, so they do not burn your eyes.

With so many different contact lens solution products available, there is no one set way of cleaning and disinfecting your contact lenses.

With each type of contact lens solution, the cleaning and disinfecting procedures may vary. It is very important to learn the proper cleaning procedure for you contact lens solution before using it.

If you have questions about which contact lens solution is best for you, please consult your physician.