Novelty Contact Lenses

Use of the novelty contact lens is a novel idea, and enjoyed by many people for costume parties and other special occasions.

Like any contact lens, it is important with a novelty contact lens to make sure that it is sanitary.

Your eyes are warm and moist and a perfect place for harmful bacteria to grow if left unchecked, so like any contact lens, the novelty contact lens must first and foremost be clean and sanitary.

Next comes the purpose of the novelty contact lens.

Also called special effects contact lenses, promoters say that the novelty contact lens can take a costume to the next level and make it much more believable, adding to the fun of the event. Novelty contact lenses are great for costume events like halloween and some can even be worn multiple times!

What costume are you wearing, and what part will you play? A troll, a princess, a vampire, a gray alien from Roswell, or another character?

What type of novelty contact lens will lend the credibility to your costume that you desire. Choices are almost endless. White out, black out, cat?s eyes, glow in the dark, and even the American flag.

Since all novelty contact lens choices are soft contact lenses, most people can wear them without problems.

The vampire is always a popular costume idea. Whether you are dressed like Dracula in the original Universal Pictures release with Bela Lugosi, or like Lestat as portrayed by Tom Cruise or Stuart Townsend, use of novel contact lens choices available can give you that red eyed effect of a predator of the night.

Perhaps you’d prefer to be a Roswell alien? If that is the case then acquiring novelty contact lens accessories in black, or another dark color can give your eyes that Zeta Reticuli alien effect you’ve been wanting.

Your choices when choosing a novelty contact lens are varied, and can be staggering, so look carefully and choose wisely to get just the right effect from your novelty contact lens.

If you need vision correction don’t think you can’t find a novelty contact lens that will work for you.

Many companies make vision correction versions of the novelty contact lens.

They vary in price, and the lower priced ones are created by computer while the more expensive ones are hand painted.

The choice is up to you, your budget, your own creativity and the effect you wish to create with your novelty contact lens.