It is a commonly held belief that if you have astigmatism in your eye(s) that you cannot wear soft contact lenses. Fortunately that is no longer true.

Many contact lens brands are making a new toric contact lens. What is wonderful about these new astigmatism safe contact lens is that they now come in disposable and frequent replacement varieties.

In the past, astigmatics could not use soft contact lenses because of the risks posed, but today all of that has been wiped away. Toric contact lenses are made like a normal contact lens. The difference comes in the design of the toric contact lens.

Toric lenses for astigmatism have two different powers in them where normal contact lenses only come in one power. Toric lenses work for people with either myopia or hyperopia.

Toric lenses also have a mechanism that can keep the lens from sliding and turning during normal usage. This will help keep your contact lens from rotating while you’re wearing them.

An absolute must when wearing astigmatism contact lenses are proper fit. You have to make sure that your eye care professional knows about your astigmatism and takes the time required to properly fit your toric lens.

Since the time and expertise of toric lenses is far beyond that of a normal contact lens, you can expect the same for the price. Toric contact lenses cost more than regular contact lenses. Fitting a contact lens for astigmatism will also cost more.

If you suffer only a slight astigmatism, you might be able to wear a regular RGP contact lens. You’ll want to discuss your options with your contact lens provider and doctor.