Theatrical Contact Lenses

Use of theatrical contact lens technology contributes more than you might think to our enjoyment of plays, films and television shows.

Who among us has not been frightened by a vampire on the screen with red eyes glowing in the night?

The eye color contributes to our suspension of disbelief, and it is by use of theatrical contact lens choices that wardrobe and special effects technicians have available that we see the eyes change.

Use of theatrical contact lens choices are not limited to vampires and horror films. A theatrical contact lens can give the impression of blindness to a sighted actor, but still allow the actor to see.

Sometimes a theatrical contact lens will be used to give a cat like impression to the eyes of an actress, used with great gusto in the television series Mutant X for the character of Shalimar, a feline powered mutant whose eyes would glow. And what Star Trek fan doesn?t remember the theatrical contact lens effect made by Brent Spiner?s portrayal of Commander Data, the android of the Enterprise.

Spiner even joked about his theatrical contact lens disguised character when he recorded an album of songs he sang entitled ?Old Yellow Eyes Is Back.?

Using theatrical contact lens choices by actors is easy for some, but for other actors who don?t wear glasses or contact lenses in their daily lives learning the proper use of a theatrical contact lens can be a chore and shows dedication to their profession and their craft.

Many consider the theatrical contact lens to be a great addition to their wardrobe choices and use them with relish.

Tom Cruise for instance, when playing Lestat in Anne Rice?s Interview With The Vampire choice to use theatrical contact lens choices he had available to get himself into the proper mood to play the character. While many Rice fans initially opposed Cruise playing the part, as did Rice herself, she and her fans praised his performance afterwards.

One can only wonder how much of his performance was due to the use of theatrical contact lens devices, and the mind set it gave him as an actor.

Keeping that in mind, the next time you are watching a film and see the eyes of the character change color, or flash, or glow, consider that it is the use of the theatrical contact lens that allows this magic to be seen on the silver screen.